Title. Collaborative Ad with Amazon and Philips Grooming


Description. Interchanging/ rotating Ad Campaign where depending on the grooming tool being advertised (shaver or trimer), the man's facial hair 

                  adjusts accordingly. 


Description. A Leaderboard sized banner Ad created for the Amazon.it webpage. Image also shown in a monotone color for more variety.  


Description. Mock-up of Philips advertisement on Amazon.it webpage.

Description. An interactive display of the Ad campaign advertised on Amazon.it. The images would rotate once the customer becomes involved. The first image invites buyers to choose a male grooming tool, and "shave" the man's beard. Once the customer has taken his/her curser and moved it over the tool, the curser will change into the chosen groomer. Depending on the tool selected, the image will then shift into either the second or third visual, actively involving the target audience in the creative campaign.