Title. Vigorsol creative advertising campaign and packaging design


Description New flavors were invented as well as a family name, color scheme, and an accompanying logo for a new extention of Vigorsol

                   chewing gum brand. 

Description New packaging design. 

The inside of the packaging design features different phrases indicating "how cold" Vigorsol Arctic chewing gum actually is. The phrases are both ironic and relevant, serving to create a more personal relationship with each individual customer. The placement of the phrases on the inside, persuades the target audience to purchase the gum, speaking to only one person at a time.   

I hate my life Cold.         Epic Cold.          Never getting out of bed Cold.         I can't feel my face Cold.         Don't talk to me Cold.         Why me Cold.  

Description A double-spread magazine advertisement to promote new Air Action Arctic. 

DescriptionStreet billboard advertisement